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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP in OSGi standardization

As the ECF project lead, we're interested in eRCP efforts at standardization because we consider eRCP a potentially valuable platform for ECF-based applications. ECF has made a significant technical effort to keep as many of our bundles as possible at least able to run on eRCP (mostly in terms of minimal OSGi Execution Environment requirements), and so we would be happy to see parts/all of eRCP closer to long as it was well coordinated with OSGi standardization and other similar such efforts.

A couple of questions WRT eRCP standardization

1) What standards body(s) are being considered for this?
2) Would standardization be of all of eRCP, or just pieces (e.g. EE, Equinox, UI, etc)? If pieces, which ones? 3) How would such an effort related to the OSGi group (is is MEG only? others?)



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