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Re: [dash-dev] Don't succeed to use Athena builder: Could not find target 'buildZips'

The problem

> I vote for SDK, so that the dependency of the feature must be explicit in
> the, rather than hidden under an EPP bundle.

Agreed - I was hoping you'd say that. :)

>> * And who will maintain these?
> Since this is not a lot of work, I think anyone who is interested could do
> that. With my current point of view of this feature, I feel able do it.

Submit a couple patches and we'll see about making you a committer then. :)

> IMHO, there can only be one default. It is something to decide. I'm in
> favour of latest release or maintenance build. People who would like to use
> an older release or a milestone would be able to override it and manage this
> by themselves.

Once they start overriding, we're more or less back where we started
w/ everyone setting it themselves.

What's your plan for after a release, like next June when 3.6 comes
out? If a build relies on the default SDK value, and it jumps ahead a
year, peoples' builds may break. Is this really wise from an
enterprise point of view?

And if you're not comfortable using the moving-target default and set
your own value... then we're back where we started. Again. :)

> Ok. done at 282987 <>

Thanks. FWIW, I still think there's value in this idea, I'm just not
sure whether the cost (potential pain, maintenance burden) to benefit
(a single property need no longer be set on a
per-project basis) ratio warrants it.

Nick Boldt :: JBoss by Red Hat
Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio
Release Engineer :: Dash Athena

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