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Re: [dash-dev] Don't succeed to use Athena builder: Could not find target 'buildZips'

> I finally got the *build* working with Galileo RCP Bundle, without
> modification to the builder.
> The problem came from the fact that I left 'dependencyURLs' empty, and I was
> using only 'eclipse.SDK.url' and 'eclipse.SDK.file' to specify SDK location.
> This was not working, and specifying dependencyURLs fixed it.
> However, I still have to specify the 'eclipse.SDK.*' properties, or else I
> get an error during build. I don't really understand why I have to specify
> the location of the SDK twice. Does the problem come from my configuration ?

Yes, the issue is that the pattern matching algorithm that looks at
the dependencyURLs and turns them into name=value pairs in your
generated build.cfg is NOT seeing the galileo rcp bundle as an
equivalent value for eclipse.SDK, because that string does NOT appear
in the URL.

So, you need to either hardcode it using the eclipse.SDK.file and
eclipse.SDK.url values (which will hopefully be copied into your
build.cfg file - look in /tmp/build/N{timestamp}/build.cfg), or modify
the logic in org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/tools/scripts/buildAllHelper.xml,
and send me a patch.

I don't have the code open right now, but I believe if you search in
that file for "genBuildCfg" you'll find instructions on how to debug
locally using "localtest=true"; you can then add more hardcoded URLs
into the task, and see what you get out on the console. Add a new
<propertyregex> to handle converting from what you get now (something
like galileo.rcp?) to eclipse.SDK.

> My next issue, about the *tests*: the builder is not able to compile
> org.eclipse.test (which is part of the test feature). It says that some
> symbols cannot be resolved (such as String, or some methods).
> I tried to build VE (without modifying anything) and got the same errors
> when trying to build JEM.
> Do you have any clue (JVM, Eclipse version...)?

Tests don't work on Mac - but should work on Linux. The problem is
that the bootclasspath values set in
o.e.d.common.releng/ are NOT being loaded as part of
the script called by test.xml in
o.e.d.common.releng/builders/tests/. You could rewrite that shell
script as Ant and make sure you load the file, or
you could for now create a and hardcode the correct
bootclasspath values for Mac. If you get it working, please submit a

Just rescanned your original post, and it looks like you're on x86
linux, not Mac... so I'm not sure what's wrong. Have you set JAVA_HOME
and JAVA50_HOME (or JAVA60_HOME) in so that the build
knows which bootclasspath properties to use to resolve String, Object,
etc. ?

> That being said, congrats for this builder. It is quite good and I'm eager
> to rely fully on it for JWT (then I'll try to spend time to help on some of
> its bugs instead of maintaining the current custom builder ;) !

Thanks - glad you like!

Nick Boldt :: JBoss by Red Hat
Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio
Release Engineer :: Dash Athena

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