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Re: [dash-dev] Don't succeed to use Athena builder: Could not find target 'buildZips'


* SDKs only, or SDKs + EPP bundles (Galileo, Ganymede) ?
I vote for SDK, so that the dependency of the feature must be explicit in the, rather than hidden under an EPP bundle.

* how many versions to include? Releases only, or milestones too?
I was thinking about maintaining the list of SDK for each platform, but only the latest release or maintenance versions. For other use-cases (such as building againt a SDK milestone for simultaneous-release), people would have to override these properties by themselves.

* And who will maintain these?
Since this is not a lot of work, I think anyone who is interested could do that. With my current point of view of this feature, I feel able do it.

I agree that it's best to set 'em once for all the projects using
Athena, but who will own the work to make it happen, and to keep it
I currently have some free-time. I'll give it a try on my machine, and maybe I'll be able propose a patch.

And how often should older versions (3.3.2, 3.4.0, 3.4.1)
expire from the available list of defaults?
IMHO, there can only be one default. It is something to decide. I'm in favour of latest release or maintenance build. People who would like to use an older release or a milestone would be able to override it and manage this by themselves.

Anyway, food for thought - feel free to move this into a Dash.Common
Builder bug if you'd like.
Ok. done at 282987 <>


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