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Re: [dash-dev] Don't succeed to use Athena builder: Could not find target 'buildZips'


I finally got the *build* working with Galileo RCP Bundle, without modification to the builder. The problem came from the fact that I left 'dependencyURLs' empty, and I was using only 'eclipse.SDK.url' and 'eclipse.SDK.file' to specify SDK location. This was not working, and specifying dependencyURLs fixed it. However, I still have to specify the 'eclipse.SDK.*' properties, or else I get an error during build. I don't really understand why I have to specify the location of the SDK twice. Does the problem come from my configuration ?

My next issue, about the *tests*: the builder is not able to compile org.eclipse.test (which is part of the test feature). It says that some symbols cannot be resolved (such as String, or some methods). I tried to build VE (without modifying anything) and got the same errors when trying to build JEM.

Do you have any clue (JVM, Eclipse version...)?

That being said, congrats for this builder. It is quite good and I'm eager to rely fully on it for JWT (then I'll try to spend time to help on some of its bugs instead of maintaining the current custom builder ;) !

Nick Boldt a écrit :
Are you setting a dependencyURLs property in equal to
your platform's version of the Eclipse SDK? I thought I saw galileo
rcp bundle instead - if you're using that you might have to preinstall
the PDE runtime feature first. I've only ever used Athena with eclipse
"classic" SDK + other dependencies (zips or p2 repos).
Building against the rcp epp bundle is a valid idea, but you might
have to submit me a patch to buildAllHelper.xml or buildAll.xml before
it'll work without any custom ant scripting at your end.

Good luck!


On 7/2/09, Mickael Istria <mickael.istria@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I am trying to move JWT from a customized PDE build to the Athena builder.
I copied some conf from VE and I am for sure using the HEAD of the
org.eclipse.dash.common.releng builder.

Getting Eclipse platform, and installing dependencies work well.
Fetching and compiling bundles also work.
But when the compilation is finished, I get:

    [build]     [mkdir] Created dir:
    [build] children:
    [build]      [copy] Copying 3 files to
    [build] rootFiles:
    [build] BUILD FAILED
The following error occurred while executing this line:
    [build] Could not find target 'buildZips'
    [build]     in
/home/mistria/workspaceJWT/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/buildAll.xml or
    [build]     in

Or any other missing target whatever I put in my "build.steps".
Obviously, the buildAllHelper.xml that is described here actually
contains this buildZips target...

Do you have any idea of what could explain this issue? Please find
attach the full trace if it can help.

Thanks in advance for your support

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