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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel 2019-09 Repository Quality

Please let's discuss all issues on the Bugzilla so that all issues are recorded in one place and can be observed the audience that chooses to be observers.

If there is an issue with what you see, please attach a picture of what you see to the Bugzilla.  I've tested these reports on Firefox, Chrome, and IE, my ipad, so I think it's all quite portable between browsers and should look mostly the same everywhere.

I could imagine a filter text field in the Installable Units section and then ensuring that all the summary information is also available per unit, which is mostly the case now already.

On 02.09.2019 13:30, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Ed

A nice step forward...

I was looking at the standard reports a couple of days ago and thinking, wow, how 1970's; no colour or hyperlinks. Your reports are in principle much better. (However perhaps your hyperlinks got line wrapped. I don't see the valid groups or circles that your refer to. I see four hyperlinks but only two distinct displays.)

But in both cases the emphasis is to catalog what is present rather than to target the offenders. I find it very time consuming to check whether my plugin patterns are in a good or bad section of the many reports.

Suggest that the reports are turned inside out so that there is a top level red/amber/green hyperlink for e.g. that takes me to the red (really bad) / amber (slightly bad) / green (ok) sub-reports of

It may then be possible to encourage the releng to take action.


    Ed Willink

On 02/09/2019 09:43, Ed Merks wrote:


Comments below.

On 02.09.2019 10:30, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi Ed,

Some similar (yet different) reports already exist in and some of the issues you mention have already been reported for ages.

Indeed, I am aware of those reports.  The presentation just makes  it difficult to get a real overview and it is not highly navigable.

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