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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel 2019-09 Repository Quality

Hi Ed,

Some similar (yet different) reports already exist in and some of the issues you mention have already been reported for ages. Those reports are generated at build-time for every build, in pom.xml:
Overall, I'm unsure reports have been a successful way to provide feedback in our community, and think we need something more "aggressive" to drive us towards higher quality. Basically, we need failing builds for erroneous content, and a policy to
So I'm wondering:
1. Can the Oomph reports be automated in the build just like CBI report are? If yes, can you please just point to interesting technical facts like application name and arguments to use?
2. Can the Oomph report application *fail the build*? Ie if someone submit bad content, can they see a -1 on Gerrit and see their patch rejected, and see Planning Council warning of a risk of exclusion if issue is not fixed? The CBI one doesn't AFAIK (and it's a pity)

To me, the target is really to have the process 2. implemented, and all efforts in gathering more data do not deliver the most of their value, until we have processes to really leverage that data.


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