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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel 2019-09 Repository Quality

Hi Ed

A nice step forward...

I was looking at the standard reports a couple of days ago and thinking, wow, how 1970's; no colour or hyperlinks. Your reports are in principle much better. (However perhaps your hyperlinks got line wrapped. I don't see the valid groups or circles that your refer to. I see four hyperlinks but only two distinct displays.)

But in both cases the emphasis is to catalog what is present rather than to target the offenders. I find it very time consuming to check whether my plugin patterns are in a good or bad section of the many reports.

Suggest that the reports are turned inside out so that there is a top level red/amber/green hyperlink for e.g. org.eclipse.xxx that takes me to the red (really bad) / amber (slightly bad) / green (ok) sub-reports of org.eclipse.xxx.

It may then be possible to encourage the org.eclipse.xxx releng to take action.


ÂÂÂ Ed Willink

On 02/09/2019 09:43, Ed Merks wrote:


Comments below.

On 02.09.2019 10:30, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi Ed,

Some similar (yet different) reports already exist in https://download.eclipse.org/releases/2019-09/201907191000/buildInfo/reporeports and some of the issues you mention have already been reported for ages.

Indeed, I am aware of those reports. The presentation just makes it difficult to get a real overview and it is not highly navigable.

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