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[cross-project-issues-dev] EPL 2.0.0 Licence


We just seen that the epl licence 2.0.0 is not reachable anymore via Is it in the goal that everyone point on epl licence version 2.0.2 ?

By the way, we where looking for what was wrong in our job about licencing and we noticed that the CompositeArtifacts.xml and CompositeContent.xml seems strange since the children size is 4 but there is only 3 children (see [1]).

Best Regards,

  <children size='4'>
    <child location='1.0.0.v20131003-1638'/>
    <child location='1.0.1.v20140414-1359'/>
    <child location='2.0.2.v20181016-2210'/>

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