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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for our yearly final daze?

guys, it seems there is a confusion between Aliases and build type...

Aliases ( RCX, Dev, Whatever, ) is used by bucky/pde/ to name the final zips that will be available for end users ( possibly put on download/drops directory ). there is no other places that this alias is used ( except on the project download pages )

build Type ( N, S, R ) are more important and are used by promote scripts to 'tag' a repository as 'Release' or 'milestones'.
in fact, all RCs are tagged 'S' and the release are tagged 'R'.
these bits are then copied into p2 repository depending their buildtype ( All 'S' goes to update/milestones and 'R' goes to update/release )

ALL the bundles/features have a X.Y.Z.vYYYYMMDD-HHmm qualifier, witout any information about alias or buildtype

That point out a question about "moving the final RC4 bits in final location". Let explain my situation :

my RC4 will produce some zips ( named * and a p2repo deployed into updates/milestones/S2011.../[artifacts.jar,contents.jar,...]

I can easily rename and move the zips -> not affecting the contents.

But what about moving the p2repository to another location ? should i just copy the contents of milestones/S2011.../ to release/ directly ?
or should i use p2 scripts to move my repo from one location to another ?

Sorry for the long story,


Le 07/06/2011 07:12, Thomas Hallgren a écrit :
On 2011-06-07 02:20, Miles Parker wrote:

Anyway, the suggestion was to use the form "x.y.zRCn" and then simply
do bare "x.y.z" for a release build. That's what I did for our 0.8.0

The form x.y.zRCn is not a valid OSGi version. You must have three
segments that are numeric so the form would be x.y.z.RCn.

Assuming that's what you meant, stripping of the RCn part is very bad
since it will make your version lexically smaller which means that the
p2 resolver will select the release candidate instead of the release if
it encounters both. You *must* retain a qualifier and it *must* be
lexically greater than any qualifier used prior to the release.

- thomas

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