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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for our yearly final daze?

Am 07.06.11 02:20, schrieb Miles Parker:

On Jun 6, 2011, at 5:04 PM, David M Williams wrote:

> 1. if we're building a "release release" that won't be changed at
> all, we'll need to mark the build as an "R" build even thought it is
> actually RC4? Is that ok to do given that we don't yet have release review?

Most people name it RC4 while building, then rename it R during quiet week.

> 2. For the build alias I was thinking that there wasn't a final
> qualifier on the build alias, i.e. "0.9.0", not "0.9.0RC4" or "0.9.0R1"?

Yikes! All builds/deliveries need 4 part version numbers. Always. For OSGi and p2 repositories (I know, maven doesn't, I hear). And the qualifier part needs to be ever increasing. I always get this confused, but pretty sure "0.9.0R1" is  less than "0.9.0.RC4" (since "1" < "C" lexographically) so would not install as you expect. That's why most of us (but not all) use something that involved date/time stamp. See
(And, I say "Yikes" only because "we" must not be educating everyone well :)

Oh, nooo that wasn't what I meant. In bucky at least, you specify a "build alias". This is used to autom-magically define...hmmm...I have no idea where it all goes exactly but I kind of assumed that it was something that PDE or Hudson needed.

Build alias is normally used to give zips and sometimes IU in category.xml  a human readable name e.g. or category EMF COMPARE SDK 1.1.1RC4 S201009150357. So this will not effect OSGI or p2.


Anyway, the actual build artifacts are as you describe. There is no R, M, etc.. in the built plugin and feature artifacts themselves.

Anyway, the suggestion was to use the form "x.y.zRCn" and then simply do bare "x.y.z" for a release build. That's what I did for our 0.8.0 release.  My big worry is that I'm going to throw the switch and do my RC4 build and there is going to be some kind of expectation somewhere that I don't quite grok -- like the generated p2 artifacts -- that blows up everything. My understanding is that we shouldn't even be building after Wednesday so does this mean some kind of hand-editing somewhere will be necessary for our builds?

Thanks for asking! Keep 'em coming.

A request. Will you please run the very awesome simrel reports one more time, preferably tomorrow so that we can see if our efforts at fixing things have met with success?



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