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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for our yearly final daze?

Hello David,
I have a question related to the "Final Build 6/10 -- end of RC4" part. Final Daze document says:

...The "final build" means that all content must be frozen; features, plugins, versions, etc. This content might still have an "RC" in zip file name, be on a "temporary" site (e.g. ...<project>/milestones) and later (such on during quiet week) renamed and moved to a "permanent" site (e.g. ...<project>/repository) but during that rename and move, there should be no change to plugins, features, versions, repository metadata (artifacts.xml/jar files and content.xml/jar files), nor anything that would effect checksums.

So the RC4 p2 repository will contains a corresponding mirrorsURL http://<project>/milestones/<version>  (see and version specific p2.statsURI property<project>/<version> (see
Means we can't simply move the repository from one location to another, we have to change the artifacts.xml accordingly.
This will hopefully effect the checksums.
Any suggestion how to handle this?

Best regards,

Am 06.06.11 04:52, schrieb David M Williams:
I've prepared a draft of our "Final Daze" document for Indigo:

I say "draft" because even though it is very similar to previous yers, I thought a few sections were suffering from generation loss, from repeated copying year to year, so I tried to restructure it a bit, and hope I didn't lose anything. If those of you mentioned by name in the document (Markus, Kim, Denis, Nathan, ... ) can take a look and make sure I've correctly captured all the final "todo items", I'd appreciate it. Let's target, say, Thursday of this week (6/9), at the latest, to have it reviewed and updated, so it will be final, before we are.

But everyone participating in Indigo can/should read it now (soon) to a) see if anything is unclear (and ask, if so) and b) make sure you know what is expected from you these final few weeks.  And, it goes without saying, anyone is welcome to improve the document or clarify things, add helpful links, or add concrete steps I've missed.

The most pressing expectation is RC4 ... that RC4 is it, final build ... this week, we expect our final builds, final aggregation, final EPP packages, no missing IP related files.

This has caused some confusion in years past, and I was going to post a "remember RC4 is final" note last week, but it seemed kind of cruel to do that, in the middle of so many other problems getting our RC3 done. But, it is an important concept, and hopefully catches no one by surprise. It is essential we all get "final" this week, so that there is a "quiet week" buffer before we release. From what I can tell, the infrastructure it relatively back to normal. Be sure to quickly report any difficulties. Clearly if we had problems this week, like we did last week, we would have to eat into our quiet week buffer and then I would begin to lose sleep. :)

Sill lots to do, I know, but it will be worth it when finished! And, a year from now ... we will all be wishing for the good 'ol daze. :)

Thanks everyone ... questions welcome ... help each other ... test early, test often.

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