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Re: [cdt-dev] Clean up bugzilla / house keeping?

Hi Morty,

Bugzilla is a mess - in the past (~2017/18 IIRC) we tried to bring in a stale bug bot but the active committers at that time objected, opting for manual cleanup. Also, the Eclipse Platform project did bring in a stale bug bot and it was recently removed due to lots of objections to having it in place[0]. 

However, I think it is moot - Eclipse Bugzilla is being retired and CDT will have to move off of it. We discussed this at the recent CDT call[1] and a proper proposal will be coming ahead of the next call.

Part of that proposal will have to include what to do with the existing bugs, and I suspect that the proposal will not migrate all the bugs to GitHub. The Eclipse Platform project did a similar move in the last few months and we'll try to learn from them.

So, going forward we should have such a discussion on how to handle stale issues in GitHub. There are a lot of very nice bots for GitHub to make GitHub issues nice enough to use.


[1] See "Big changes" section of

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Tue, 24 May 2022 at 03:21, Moritz Strübe <moritz.struebe@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

looking through Bugzilla, whether there is already a bug or whether I
need to file one, I found a lot of very old bugs. They might be fixed or
not. Maybe they are not relevant anymore. Does Eclipse' Bugzilla have a
stale-bug bot? Or would it be reasonable to mark all bugs older than
e.g. 6 years* as stale manually once a year and close them after a
month, if there is no reaction?


* Age should be based on the last comment, as all bugs got Jonah added
as QA-Contact. ;)

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