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Re: [cdt-dev] Is CMake support stable?

I run cmake (Homebrew) on the command line and change the “make" command for ninja, in a MBS project of type “Empty Makefile project". That’s also what I do on Linux and non-cmake projects. This way (Makefile+MBS) works for any external builder and probably gives you the most options in the UI as a user, but it’s a lot of manual configuration.
I’ve tried other ways before but was left confused as to what was supposed to work or not.

As for macOS support in general, historically there hasn’t been as many contributions for Mac and not many committers working on it officially either. It’s a best effort, like a lot of things.


On Dec 7, 2020, at 5:06 PM, Liviu Ionescu <ilg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 5 Dec 2020, at 14:02, Martin Weber <fifteenknots505@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

... cmake4eclipse, which is using

Ah, I finally understood that cmake4eclipse is actually a separate project, unrelated to the CDT cmake support (which, at least for me, is useless).

I never had any complains of macOS users using cmake4eclipse, which is using
ICommandLauncher. I suspect the ICommandlauncher impl for macOS is hanling the
app-specific paths.

Well, it would be interesting to know how the macOS users configure their systems, since by default the cmake4eclipse plug-ins did not identify the cmake binary installed in /Application/

Even worse, in the Properties page -> Host OS overrides, there is no macOS tab, only Linux and Windows. :-(

In the Linux tab, browsing for the binary does not work, since the browser refuses to open the folder and the path must be configured manually to '/Applications/', which is not exactly user friendly.

After this initial hindrance, I was able to run a simple build. :-)

But it is regrettable that direct support for macOS is not yet available.



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