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Re: [cdt-dev] Is CMake support stable?

> On 5 Dec 2020, at 14:02, Martin Weber <fifteenknots505@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... cmake4eclipse, which is using

Ah, I finally understood that cmake4eclipse is actually a separate project, unrelated to the CDT cmake support (which, at least for me, is useless). 

> I never had any complains of macOS users using cmake4eclipse, which is using 
> ICommandLauncher. I suspect the ICommandlauncher impl for macOS is hanling the 
> app-specific paths.

Well, it would be interesting to know how the macOS users configure their systems, since by default the cmake4eclipse plug-ins did not identify the cmake binary installed in /Application/

Even worse, in the Properties page -> Host OS overrides, there is no macOS tab, only Linux and Windows. :-(

In the Linux tab, browsing for the binary does not work, since the browser refuses to open the folder and the path must be configured manually to '/Applications/', which is not exactly user friendly.

After this initial hindrance, I was able to run a simple build. :-)

But it is regrettable that direct support for macOS is not yet available.



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