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Re: [cdt-dev] [EXTERNAL] Re: Proposal for cdt resources decoration.

> On 7 Oct 2020, at 21:12, Belyavsky, Baltasar <bbelyavsky@xxxxxx> wrote:
> For managed-build projects, which use generated makefiles, *all* folders are used during build as long as they contain buildable resources.  I.e. not only source-folders, but regular folders too, are included in build.  Unless they are explicitly excluded from build using the “Exclude from Build” action. 

This is probably the result of the default used by the Create New Project code, that adds the project root as a source folder.

If you remove that definition and add only specific folders, like 'src', the behaviour that you observed is avoided.

My project templates do not add the project root as source folder, to avoid compiling tests, samples, and other unwanted files.



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