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Re: [cdt-dev] Future of Managed Build


We (with my good friends @ArSysOp) are working on Toolchain metamodel prototype that should cover the needs of CDT and will be flexible enough to be applied for sibling areas.
Of course there is a number of EMF usage tricks collected through all that years that we are going to use during this work. We know the model-to-text generation technologies from JET to Acceleo, so we will be able to create whatever we need, not only the default Java classes.

Currently we are polishing things that were presented for Postgres community 1 year ago during the "IDE for stored procedures" talk and discussion. Yes, it may sound curious, but the "toolchain model" idea with all the "target hardware description" and "project structure model" appears to be very similar for a lot of ecosystems.

The plan is to share it on GitHub as a set of Ecore metamodels and then go through several iteration of minor "releases" until we will find good solution. Then we can have it either as a separate Eclipse project or as a part of CDT - this may be decided later.


23.01.2020 23:35, Jonah Graham пишет:

I have no experience with emf modelling so I don't know it is capable enough. I also have no experience getting this in java classes. Help will be needed if we go this way. Learning EMF is now on my todo :-)
Is there some doc from the discussion from Alexander Federov and William Riley?
P.S. Well, as we started the introduction session ... actually, my family name is Fedorov, from the Greek "Θεόδωρος " you may know it as the Latin "Theodor", that means "God-given" :)

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