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[cdt-dev] LLVM/Clang toolchain broken


Some time ago I filed about the
LLVM/Clang toolchain being broken. At this moment it is not possible to
create a working "C+++ Managed Build" for LLVM/Clang.

I managed to run the CDT in the debuggers as per and I
have an idea about the problem (see my bug-report that contains more
info). I am willing to try to solve the problem. Therefore I have some
questions to get me started.

- Is there any (high level) design documentation available for the LLVM
managedbuilder stuff? Or for GCC?
- Why is there a CDT LLVM preference page? What is/was it's purpose?
There is no such page for GCC?
- I cannot find UI for LLVM/Clang project properties. Can someone
enlighten me?
- The same for the GCC project properties?



Joost Kraaijeveld
Hommelseweg 123
6821 LD Arnhem

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