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Re: [cdt-dev] Cmake support

Hi Fabrizio,

Am Mi., 22. Jan. 2020 um 13:17 Uhr schrieb Fabrizio Iannetti
> Hi,
> I did a bit of comparison between the various possibilities:
> Martin, I see your plug-in provides two additional parsers, one being for the built-ins, what is the difference with the GCC built-ins?

They support more compilers than just GCC, for example cl and nvcc.
See cmake4eclipse help for supported compilers.
Additionally, they take the path to the compiler executable from the
compile_commands.json to invoke the compiler to get its built-ins.
This allows to detect compilers installed in an unusual location or
with unusual names (arm-gnu-gcc for example).

Plus there is an extension point allow other compiler vendors to add
support for their specific compiler without having to change

> does it take into consideration the toolchain defined in cmake?

Indirectly. Settings from the cmake-toolchain are reflected in the
compile_commands.json file where they get picked up, as outlined


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