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[cdt-dev] Cmake support

Hi guys,

I was trying to create a cmkae project in Eclipse without using the plugin cmake4eclipse. Honestly from user point of view seems quite a mess. There are two ways and it's not clear why:

new c/c++ project -> cmake project
new c++ project -> cmake driven

With the first there's no option unless the button "cmake gui". I'm not able to do anything and it seems CDT wants to use always Ninja as generator.

With the second one more options are available but I have the same problem with generator.

Looking at source code I found CMakeBuildTab with this definition in xml:

<extension       point="org.eclipse.cdt.launch.coreBuildTab">
<provider          nature="org.eclipse.cdt.cmake.core.cmakeNature"
priority="10" tabClass="org.eclipse.cdt.cmake.ui.internal.CMakeBuildTab">

In this page I should be able to select Ninja or Makefile but I didn't find a way to open this page.
Even the cmake hello world doesn't work.
Can someone explain how it supposed to work the cmake support?


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