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Re: [cdt-dev] How far the CDT now from providing LSP and DAP support?

Hi Nathan,

Very good point. We will definitely need a kind of "LSP switch" like you described. But the "scope" of this switch is not yet clear for me: Project or may be something more granular like Configuration.


19.12.2019 23:54, Nathan Ridge пишет:
I think Bug 536320<>
is a good example of one of the problems.
Yep, exactly.

While I never did get around to working more on LSP support, my
latest thinking on this topic is that the most straightforward option
would be add a single project-wide "LSP mode" switch, and only
start / use the language server if that switch is enabled.

This way, if a user enables the switch, they presumably do the
necessary setup (e.g. making sure the project has a
compile_commands.json) as well, and then even if they see LSP
diagnostics in the CEditor, that's fine.

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