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Re: [cdt-dev] General concept question

> Although there are several Eclipse IDEs, but to me I may need 3:
> Eclipse IDE for committers
> Eclipse IDE/Java
> And Eclipse CDT for C++

You don't need the second because everything you need from it is also included in the first, I think. And if not, then I would rather start from one of them and install everything you're missing into it rather than use two separate unmodified installations.

While you're developing, you also don't need the third, because you're using the CDT you built yourself. (Eventually you'll probably want one for testing whether your new plugin also works with the stock CDT rather than your self-built one.)
> UMLet is pure Java code and it does not need CDT in its original Eclipse plugin. I need to add CDT interface code. Because UMLet is pure java, am I supposed to use Eclipse JDT (UIDE Java) to change UMLet?

No. You're supposed to use "Eclipse IDE for committers" (or whatever you installed PDE into, if you did) for anything involving development of Eclipse plugins, no matter whether CDT or UMLet, and have all plugin projects you need in the same workspace.

> Of course eventually I will add this MyUMLet Eclipse plugin to Eclipse CDT for C++ to let this Eclipse to generate C++ code for me. If I use my ugly way to add modified CDT jars got from committer on my PC to Eclipse JDT and eventually merged into MyUMLet Eclipse plugin, when I run this plugin inside Eclipse CDT for C++, would there be 2 copies of CDT jars within Eclipse CDT for C++?

Yes, so don't use this ugly way, if you can. Try to work with unmodified CDT plugins first and depend on them rather than copying their code into your own plugin.


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