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[cdt-dev] combining git repositories

Hello folks,

I would like to combine the main CDT git repo, launchbar and tools.templates repo. At the moment I am spending quite a bit of time simply managing three git repos, with three p2 deployments, simrel contributions, etc. Most of the nearly 100 items on the endgame plan need to be done for each of the repos.

Originally when launchbar and tools.template were created I believe there was the hope that they would be adopted by projects or otherwise move higher in the tool stack. There hasn't been much movement in that direction, so as CDT is likely to be the home for these for the foreseeable future I propose having only 1 git repo and corresponding p2 repo. The git history will be preserved by  merging the different git repos together. The names of the plug-ins are not changing and if someone in the future wants to move launchbar or tools.templates to a new home we can do that then.

To that end I have created Bug 558439 and made a branch that does combine all these things. My intention is to merge that branch into master in the coming days, but I want to allow some time for objections or comments first, so I won't do it this week to allow enough time for comments. 

Thank you,

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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