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Re: [cdt-dev] Any comment is welcome to my topics in Eclipse Forum

> Then I am lost here. I can’t see org.eclipse.cdt.ui.

Again, what projects *can* you see there instead? (You're supposed to look in the "Project Explorer" view, is that the difficulty?)

> My Eclipse version is:
> Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

Note that this is not what the article recommends - it recommends the "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers" package. I'm not sure if "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" includes the PDE - but if you have the "Plug-in Development" perspective, then you probably have it. If not, install "Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment" using "Install New Software".

> To allow UMLet src to access CDT, I need jar files. Maybe there is a better way.

If UMLet is in an Eclipse plugin, you don't need jar files, but declare dependencies on the CDT plugins in the usual way, which makes their exported classes available no matter whether they are in jar files.


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