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Re: [cdt-dev] Any comment is welcome to my topics in Eclipse Forum

Mopping up some unanswered questions:

> Issue 2
> I couldn’t follow the above steps bcos I can’t find a project with the name org.eclipse.cdt.ui.

It's at core/org.eclipse.cdt.ui and should have been imported if you followed the steps correctly. There is a list in the article. If you don't have this project, then what projects *do* you have?

> What’s the ABC steps to generate all CDT jars?

Why are you so insistent on getting these jars? What would you do with them? They are an implementation detail that you shouldn’t need to care about. They are not generated by the PDE build that you are using up to the "Launching" step. They are generated in the Maven/Tycho build described in the "Building the CDT p2 repository" step.


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