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Re: [cdt-dev] Any comment is welcome to my topics in Eclipse Forum


I had a quick look at all these questions - I am not surprised that no one has answered on the forums, the forums are really meant for Users of the Eclipse CDT IDE - i.e. people writing C/C++ code.

I don't have answers to most of your questions, but I can try an answer on some of them:

> How to stop inserting same include stmt more than once

Try looking at how organize imports in CDT is implemented, it manipulates includes so may give you a good idea.

>  How to load a file content into a new editor tab

Look up the IDE class in Eclipse platform (such as openEditor method)

> How to use CDT to create a .h with a class decl?

Look how the new C++ class wizard is implemented for some clues.

I don't t

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Wed, 4 Dec 2019 at 20:33, Ming Cheng <chengm349@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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