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[cdt-dev] CDT call minutes


here are the minutes of the CDT call held this week:

I'm not able to capture everything that is discussed but I try to get most of it.
If there is something important I forgot, please update the wiki and notify the list.

Full minutes for your perusal:

* CDT 8.8.1 release
    * RC2 out
    * It would be nice to do some sanity testing on the maintenance release

* CDT Summit and Hackathon
    * We expect between 12 and 15 attendees.
    * Hackathon is meant to get contributors to do some code together.  Should be fun.
    * LaunchBar BoF to be held Wednesday night at EclipseCon

* CDT 9.0 progress
    * Debugging support for Apple's GDB, which is no longer maintained, has been removed.
    * Marc-Andre is trying to remove some code from CDT 2.0 and 3.0 but it is quite big

* Effort for breakpoint improvements
    * Hangout will be scheduled in 2 or 3 weeks due to other delays
    * Mikhail has started working on this and is hoping to have something to show at the hangout!

* Contribution from Teodor to add a 'connect' button to the OS Resources view
    * Marc D reviewed.  Looks good.
    * Proposal to remove the connect button from debug toolbar. It is enough to have it in the context menu.

* Qt launch is working

* Doug trying to revive Android development tools of Eclipse for EclipseCon.

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