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[cdt-dev] CDT call minutes


here are the minutes of the CDT call held today.

Topics such as: greying out buttons (good or bad), RCPTT for UI testing, Reverse debug, OS Resources view improvements, Remote debug improvement, and more.  Please see below for details.

If there is something important I forgot, please update the wiki.

Full minutes for your perusal:

  • CDT 8.8.1 release
    • Went well. Next stop CDT 9.0/Neon!
  • CDT Summit and Hackathon
    • EclipseCon is next week! 14 attendees signed up for CDT Summit.
  • Breakpoint improvement patch
    • Mikhail had a problem with his computer. Will try to recover the patch.
    • Can we show target breakpoint only if there is more than one?
  • Reverse debugging with btrace
    • CQ was approved and corresponding code committed
    • Marc K has been doing cleanup on it with help of Ravitheja (the contributor)
  • User knowing why buttons are disabled (e.g., reverse debug, debug new executable, connect, etc)
    • Doing the Reverse Debug review reminded that user don't know that reverse debug is not enable with non-stop; all they see is the button greyed out, which does not help them know why.
    • Doug thinks greying out buttons is frustrating to users and that if the button does not apply is should not be shown
      • We could do this but there is also a general Eclipse pattern that should be changed
      • Not showing buttons can also be confusing if the user does not understand why in some cases the button shows and other not
    • Using the hover (doesn't work for context-menu?)
      • Already an improvement if the button is greyed out. Does not help for context-menu
    • Enabling button and failing it with a message
      • Not necessarily better
    • Furthermore, the launch dialogue should not show non-compatible options.
      • The problem was that we didn't know GDB's version at that time
      • We should use the GDB version
        • If GDB is part of the toolchain, then we can do it easily
        • If not, then we could update the launch dialog based on what the user specifies dynamically in that same dialog.
    • This will need more discussion
  • RCPTT for UI testing
    • Alvaro is trying things out using the standalone debugger
    • Can be run manually or automatically using maven
    • Difficult to troubleshoot when things don't work even for failing test cases
    • Recording is much easier than SWTBot but troubleshooting is harder
  • Improvements to the OS Resources view
  • Improvement to automatically download remote binary instead of using a local one
    • Feature of GDB 7.10 that there is a patch for CDT
    • Concerns about what happens if remote binary is stripped or connection is slow
    • Review continues
  • CDT 9.0 progress
    • Patch for removing CDI is hard to review
    • Jonah has shown he knows what he is doing; by explaining his steps, we could feel comfortable enough to submit
    • Need to get this done ASAP

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