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[cdt-dev] CDT Call Minutes

Hey gang, here are some notes I captured from the call today.

Juno SR-2 is done. No plans for an SR-3 and unless we get overwhelming support for one, we won't have one.

Kepler is coming close to the end. Dates to keep in mind:
  • M6: March 18-20
  • M7 Feature Freeze: May 6-8
  • RC4 Final build: June 10-12
With the time between feature freeze and final build so short we really need to keep to a real feature freeze and make sure we don't destabilize during the release cycle.

Agenda for EclipseCon Summit. Summit is on Thursday. Please make sure you add agenda items for the things you want to talk about to the wiki page:

For those wondering if they should go to EclipseCon, yeah, there's not a lot of C/C++, Embedded, etc content but, from my point of view, you really should be thinking of EclipseCon as an Eclipse developers conference. It's really meant for us to learn about what's happening at Eclipse so we can make the CDT and our CDT based products better. And we reciprocate by telling other Eclipse developers what good things are happening in CDT and hopefully build a community. That and we have a whole day booked for the CDT summit where anyone interested in CDT can spend more time with us. So there really is lots for all of you.

Finally, a reminder to the debugger gang, we'll put gdb back into it's place on the build server (not sure why it was deleted) to re-enable gdb tests as part of our builds.

Questions, comments, things I missed?

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