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Re: [cdt-dev] Getting node declaration

> Having an expression node, is it possible to get the IASTNode of some
> variable of this expression?
> E.g:
> void main() {
> int c;
> c = 10;
> }
> I have the IASTNode "c = 10;". How can I get the IASTNode where the
> variable "c" is declared (int c;)?

  - Walk the AST to find the IASTName representing the name
    "c" in the expresion "c=  10".
  - Call IASTName.resolveBinding() on it to obtain an IBinding
     representing the variable "c".
  - Call IASTTranslationUnit.getDeclarationsInAST(IBinding) to
     get a list of AST nodes representing declarations of the
     variable. The IASTTranslationUnit can be obtained from any
     IASTNode via IASTNode.getTranslationUnit().

Hope that helps,

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