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[cdt-dev] CDT Call Minutes

The minutes are posted here:
And copied here. Let us know if you have any questions/corrections.
  • 5.0 wrap up
    • M6 API "Freeze"
      • Start collecting Javadoc and using API tooling
      • Start managing APIs carefully
        • Properly document provisional APIs as provisional
    • M7 Feature Freeze
      • Catchpoints
        • QNX to provide a patch
      • Disassembly View
        • Mikhail K to provide new API and new View
      • EFS
        • Contention over API changes
        • Delayed to next release
        • Create a branch to experiment
        • Enough to create a project and edit files, no build
    • Testing
      • Carbide moving to start testing
      • Wind River doing same
      • Toolchain testing on build machine
      • qemu emulation for automated testing
  • CDT Summit
    • Week of Sept 22-26 at IBM Toronto
    • Potential conjunction with Eclipse PluginFest
    • Focus more on a working meeting than just presentations
  • Flexible Resource
    • Work moving to platform-core-dev list
    • To involve other projects as well
  • DSF
    • API work for M6
    • GDB integration still under way
      • But not 100 replacement for CDI/MI in 1.0

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