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RE: [cdt-dev] DSF/CDI Launchers weirdness

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> Hi,
> > We're almost there for that one.  And I think we should 
> make a decision for 7.0.
> > I'd like some input from the EDC folks; maybe they can make 
> their delegate ro Debug only?
> Actually, it's a bug at the moment that EDC delegates claim 
> to support "run" at all, because we don't actually implement 
> it.  ( 
> So technically, we could drop the "run" modes in our 
> delegates and resolve this for the moment.  
> I tried this out, though, but it's currently even more 
> confusing (as a user).  
> All the C/C++ Local Application launches have a "Debugger" 
> tab in them, even for Run mode, and it appears like you need 
> to select and configure a GDB debugger in order to proceed, 
> though these settings aren't used when running.  (I entered 
> incorrect settings, for e.g. the gdb path, and the program 
> still ran fine.)

I also found this confusing.
I started a thread about it back in February, but it died:

But ignoring this point, if you remove your 'run' support
from the delegate, are you able to simply run an app without
getting a prompt?

> (Fortunately, the EDC debugger settings are retained even if 
> in Run mode you have selected some random GDB entry.)
> Is the Debugger tab really needed or used for the C/C++ Local 
> Application run-mode launcher?
> -- Ed
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