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RE: [cdt-dev] DSF/CDI Launchers weirdness

> We're almost there for that one.  And I think we should make a decision for 7.0.
> I'd like some input from the EDC folks; maybe they can make their delegate ro Debug only?

Actually, it's a bug at the moment that EDC delegates claim to support "run" at all, because we don't actually implement it.  ( 

So technically, we could drop the "run" modes in our delegates and resolve this for the moment.  

I tried this out, though, but it's currently even more confusing (as a user).  

All the C/C++ Local Application launches have a "Debugger" tab in them, even for Run mode, and it appears like you need to select and configure a GDB debugger in order to proceed, though these settings aren't used when running.  (I entered incorrect settings, for e.g. the gdb path, and the program still ran fine.)

(Fortunately, the EDC debugger settings are retained even if in Run mode you have selected some random GDB entry.)

Is the Debugger tab really needed or used for the C/C++ Local Application run-mode launcher?

-- Ed

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