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Re: [cdt-dev] DSF/CDI Launchers weirdness

This appears to be a bug in the multiple launchers support in platform. Could you file it as a bug?

I think the correct behavior would be for the launch framework to use CDI without prompting you whenever you select the run.

Alena Laskavaia wrote:
I was playing a bit with debugger lately and work flow is really awkward for me.
I don't have official build I am running from the trunk but what I see is weird.
So looks like DSF does not have a "Launcher" (the stuff you switch
using link in the bottom) for Run
configuration, but does for Debug. So I have to pick different ones for Run
and Debug. So I compile my app and do Run As->Local C++ App - and it gives
me list which does not include DFS - so I pick standard. When I debug
I have to do it again to switch to DSF. If I do opposite - pick DFS from Debug -
when I do Run - my launch for run - does not do anything, cannot be
terminated and
deleted, and if I open launch configuration it shows that I use DSF -
which is not in the
list if I click on link.

Is it expected behaviour?
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