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RE: [cdt-dev] Vote for Committer status for L. Frank Turovich has started

I think you have already shown great potential and your patches have been much appreciated.
Your troubleshooting has been particularly impressive.
And I'm hoping you'll have enough time to get some more patches submitted, which certainly hope
will lead to you becoming a committer.  I think we'd all win when that happens.

I'll be an optimist and thank you in advance for those patches :-)


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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Vote for Committer status for L. Frank Turovich has      started

I wouldn't want to be nominated... yet. I think it could be healthy for the project to have committers that are vendor neutral, working 100% for the users in their free time, I don't see much of that in Eclipse projects. I will complete university in a month and revisit the idea then with additional patches :)


On 10-03-31 4:23 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:

There is also the trust that the candidate will be around for a few years. It's easier if they are getting paid to work on CDT. But that could also be open for debate.

At any rate, whoever is applying your patches needs to be the one to do the nomination, if one is to take place.


2010/3/31 Marc-Andre Laperle <malaperle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:malaperle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
Does anyone trust me yet? ;)

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