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[cdt-dev] problem specifying path to "C/C++ Application Path" in Debug Configuration in CDT 7.0/Eclipse 3.6M6

Using latest development package (CDT 7.0/Eclipse 3.6M6) I find I have to browse and specify absolute path to the application for debugger to work. (setting called "C/C++ Application" on Main tab of Debug Configuration dialog). Specifying the relative path as worked in 3.5.2/6.0: "<projectName>/folder/subfolder/appName" doesn't work. Also the "Search Project" button does nothing. I returned to 3.5.2 to verify this same project works correctly in this regard. this is a Makefile Project, and I did import it into my Helios workspace from the Galileo workspace. I searched but couldn't find any reports. Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?

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