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[cdt-dev] Can't add more than one "supportedProperties"?

    Hello list,

  I'm using 3.6M6 and corresponding CDT.  When I right-click on a tool
definition(*), and add a new "(supportedProperties)" element, I get a new
element added, with one child property which has one child value, ready to
fill out.

  There doesn't appear to be any way to add a second property type to be
supported at all; right-clicking on the (supportedProperties) element offers a
"delete" option but no "new" option, and right-clicking on the containing tool
no longer offers a new "(supportedProperties)" choice.

  Is this on purpose, or is it just a weakness of the editor?  The MBS docs
all appear to suggest that the supportedProperties element contains "the list"
of supported properties; will it be OK if I manually edit the plugin.xml
outside Eclipse to add a second property type with some values?

  (I want various of the toolchain options to have enablements that respond to
orthogonally separate properties of the toolchain; in this case, I've added a
new property type for target environment, with values that mean hosted,
freestanding, or just no libc, and I want to turn on options like
-nostartfiles and -nostdlib based on this.)


(*) - For private use, I've been hacking this straight into the
org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.gnu.ui source, but I have no reason to suppose
it would behave any differently in a separate plugin.

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