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[cdt-dev] Something for DSF GDB feature-parity with CDI GDB?

I just figured out that the CDI GDB does not suffer (just by fortune, I guess) a bug in gdb 7.x, that the DSF GDB runs into:


In the worst - but not quite unusual case - the variables view remains empty for the entire duration of the function or method you debug, if

-          You use a gdb 7.0 later

-          And have pretty printers for some local variables


The difference between CDI GDB and DSF GDB simply is that CDI GDB does not print the values with -stack-list-locals. I had a quick look and tested it in my C++ debug session and think DSF GDB could possibly also live without printing values in -stack-list-locals. I couldn't see any usage of the value.


My personal impression after working a couple of days with DSF GDB and gdb 7.x plus STL pretty printers is that I should not switch from CDI to DSF.


So my question, is this a bugzilla for the feature-parity with CDI? I happily enter one.





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