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[cdt-dev] Regressions in Build M6

I have just played around a little bit with the latest Helios milestone build 
(M6). I have found some regressions in comparison to Galileo.

It is a simple main.cpp compiled with gcc on Linux.

/* main.cpp */
typedef struct
	float fNumber;
	int   iIndex;
} MyStruct_T;

void InitMyStruct( MyStruct_T* psList )
	psList->fNumber = 23.0f;
	psList->iIndex = 1;

int main(void) {
	MyStruct_T  sList;
	InitMyStruct( &sList );
	int a, i = 5;
	if ( a = 3 )
		a = 5;
	return 0;

Problems View shows the warning: "make: unused variable 'i'
notice the additional "make:" (it is not visible in the Build Console!)

Code completion does not work at all!
For e.g. type in the main routine "in" and then CTRL-Space  => no proposal 
in Galileo I get some dozen suggestions (including InitMyStruct)
The same holds when I type sList.

The Index View looks correctly.

I have installed and enabled CODAN.
It shows me correctly a warning on the if statement (Possible assignment in 
condition). When I invoke Quick Fix via CTRL-1 it correctly suggests "a==3". 
However, nothing happens when I select the fix. Quick Fix only works via the 
Problems View.

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