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RE: [cdt-dev] Renaming "DSF Disassembly"


>> As for the IMoveToLine (etc) implementations, they seem to explicitly use an MI run control DSF service. 
>> The base service (IRunControl) just doesn't provide the needed functionality. I think a valid question
>> is: why isn't the base service being extended to handle these basic debugger operations? Moving the PC,
>> e.g., is certainly not a GDB-ism. I think every C/C++ debugger in the world supports it, so shouldn't
>> it be part of the DSF definition? 
> I agree.  It would be best to move the underlying service extensions to the DSF itself.

But we'll have to create an IRunControl2 interface to contain the new
runToLocation() and resumeAtLocation()

Warren, can you open a bug to state exactly what you need?


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