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[cdt-dev] Future of debugger console

currently we are using gdb/CDI for our target debugging. Well, at least some people in our team use it. Whenever I suggest others to use Eclipse/CDT/CDI for their debugging needs, I get a lot of complaints about the "unusable console".
Power users are quite used to type commands in a gdb console for special stuff. Some of them have used gdb directly for years, or a different GUI like Insight/gdb. They often have little snippets of gdb commands somewhere in a notes.txt, that get pasted to the console over and over. Of course, this is nothing that is needed by novices, but experienced users are common in the embedded world :-)
The biggest complaints concerning the console in Eclipse are:
  • no command history (scrolling up through previous commands)
  • no command repetition with the Return key
  • no prompt (as a visual sign that a command has finished)
  • no protocol file (to save commands and output for later processing)
  • no aliases (?)
  • no auto completion for variable names or other stuff
As far as I can see there were no enhancements in these areas with DSF. (Correct me if I'm wrong) So it wouldn't help to switch to DSF/gdb.
Are there any plans to enhance the debugging console in the ways described?
Is there anybody else here who sees the need for this?
All the best,  Achim

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