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RE: [cdt-dev] Renaming "DSF Disassembly"

I logged the UI issues here:

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At 09:56 AM 2/19/2010, Mehregani, Navid wrote:
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Here’s my 2 cents…

>Also some nitpicking on the UI.  The toolbar has goto, refresh, home and show source.  The view menu has find, home,
>goto and show source.  The context menu has >copy, select all, show source, show symbols and prefs.  When you go
>to the prefs there are 5 different boolean options.  I guess I just find the current organization a bit strange for some reason.

I personally find the toolbar very intuitive and I don’t think it should be changed. 
The toolbar *menu* is kind of hidden and not a lot of users will use it.  Most of the actions in this menu are a duplicate of the toolbar actions, which provide a text-based description of the actions (similar to action tooltips).  The ‘Find’ operation will very likely be accessed via the global Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut, which is why it wasn’t included in the toolbar.  I think ‘preferences’ should also be in the toolbar *menu*.
I don’t see anything wrong with the context menu either.

I personally don't think actions should be duplicated in a view's toolbar and menu. An action should be in one or the other. Hovering provides a text based description of toolbar actions.

I believe there is some general criteria for what sort of actions belong in a view's toolbar vs menu, but I don't know them off hand. I think the disassembly view should stick to the guidelines, and I'm pretty sure that's not the case now.


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