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Re: [cdt-dev] Static analysis framework enhancement request

Hi Konrad,

I use the Codan framework only for reporting capabilities. Not for AST. But Codan framework is also helpful, if you just try to embed external static analyzers. The options and the "run with build"-possibility also work well with external tools. I therefore derived my class only from AbstractChecker and not from AbstractIndexAstChecker.

If you are not using AST and parse output - I think error parser reporting mechanism is suited better for this purpose. Take a look at bug 109139 Generic Error parser, would that one serve your needs? Option "run with build" is nice but I do not think it should be in Codan which should rather be "run after indexer". I see it as a temporary one. There should be prebuild and postbuild steps in build process though. You would run cppcheck during postbuild step and parse its output with error parser. We use similar way to run Flexelint - another static analysis tool, and we wired quick fixes capability for it. Just using make targets from Make Targets view to start the tool.


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