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[cdt-dev] CDT and e4: Discussion Summary

Thank you everyone for your comments at today's CDT call. Most of the committers were there except from IBM Toronto and QNX (unless you joined late). If you weren't there, I'd still like to hear from you.

Here's a summary of the points that were made.

- The flexible resources work has good potential
    - But we'd prefer it to be in the 3.x stream
    - That appears to be the plan anyway
    - More work needs to be done there and there is interest in contributing to it for quick adoption (i.e. not wait for e4)

- If the cost of moving to the e4 platform is zero, then it makes sense to move.
    - It doesn't have to be exactly zero, but close to zero unless we determine there's a major benefit to moving

- Right now there doesn't seem to be much benefit.
    - It isn't addressing any immediate problems we are having with our products
    - There is a lot of low hanging fruit to help our customers that needs to be done first
    - need to see if it provides us with multi-context view support for debug
    - we need the e4 team to sell us on the value of e4, it's not obvious to many of us

Most vendors are in a wait and see mode. No one has yet to look at the latest milestone release. But one message is loud and clear. The backwards compatability better be very, very good to compensate for the lack of perceived value.

Let me know if I mis-wrote any of this, and if you have anything to add or argue with.


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