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Re: [cdt-dev] Static analysis framework enhancement request

Hi Konrad,

On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 9:40 AM, Konrad Windszus <konrad_w@xxxxxx> wrote:
I try to write an extension for cppcheck ( with the help of your great static analysis framework.

As far as I understand cppcheck would produce error report given a source code. Codan framework provides AST. How do you manage to wire them together?
My first tests were successfull, but it would be great, if there could be an enhancement in org.eclipse.cdt.codan.core.model.CodanProblemReporter. So far I have to give an id which must be specified in an extension point of my plug-in. I now only call cppcheck in my plug-in and don't know all the types of the errors in advance (they are also highly dynamic, since many new checks are added with new versions). I therefore plan to call reportError for all types of errors reported by cppcheck with the same id. Unfortunately I'm not able to overwrite the given extension points defaultSeverity. Therefore optimal would be a new method reportError which would allow to override the provided severity.

I suggest to file an enhancement request in Bugzilla, but add some more details as the mechanics of what you are doing is not quite clear (well, at least to me).
Another question regarding releasing that plugin: Is it possible to share the code in your CVS

Not sure what you are asking for. The code is shared and everybody has read access to CVS. Aren't you ripping the benefits of sharing already?
and what about any release plans for the framework. Is it included with the next version of CDT?

There are too few checks, and frankly the framework is new and not well rounded yet. Release plans? It depends on popularity of the framework measured as amount of contributions to the project. So far there is some interest but not too much contributions yet. If anybody is interested I encourage to submit enhancement requests (to bugzilla), bug reports, patches  etc. You can help.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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