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RE: [cdt-dev] DSF stack frame levels vs indexes

Hello Pawel,

Thanks for the explanation.

>> I have the following questions:
>> 1. What should the getLevel() method implementation report? Is that
>> number of valid stack frames that precede a given frame in the call
>> stack? 
>> 2. What is the relation between the indexes passed to
>> public void getFrames(IDMContext execContext, int startIndex, int
>> endIndex, DataRequestMonitor<IFrameDMContext[]> rm);
>> and stack frame levels?

Does this mean that an implementation of IStack has to report stack
frames in "ascending" order? That is, the bottom frame context would be
the first in the returned array and the topmost (i.e. more recent) frame
would be the last?

This would make indexes and depths the same.

When I tried to do this, I got the most recent frames at the _bottom_ of
the stack in the Debug view.

Weird thing is, the StackFramesVMNode always updates the top frame but
seems to "cache" the frames in the middle, querying only the frame which
is at the bottom of the stack.

Is this the expected behavior?



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