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[cdt-dev] Contractors

Hey gang,
I occasionally get inquiries for contractors to do customization work for the CDT-based projects. I've had success hooking this up in the past and would like to make this a regular service I provide as the project lead, and, of course, help build up the CDT ecosystem.
So I'd like to start maintaining a list of potential candidates who I could forward such requests off to. If you are a contractor interested in doing such work, please feel free to fire me off an e-mail privately and I'll add you to the list. I'm not sure I can put your name on a wiki, or if you even want me to, but at least I'll have it.
Also, if you are potential customer of such work, feel free to use me as a contact point. There is the helpwanted newsgroup, but sometimes I realize you'd like a more subtle approach to tending this work.


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