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[cdt-dev] CDT 5.0.1 Countdown

Hey gang,
Hope you've been having a good summer. I know I have.
It's time to start working towards the Fall Maintenance release. Again we'll be lining up with the Ganymede Service Release schedule which gives us the following dates:
  - RC1 - Sept 2
  - RC2 - Sept 9
  - Final - Sept 16
Vivian and I just talked about it and we'll take the weekly Friday builds for these release candidates. The churn right now on the 5.0 branch is very low. Feel free to see for yourself:
CVS shows us at 12 bugs. Please triage those that are yours. I have created a new target milestone for 5.0.2 if you need to move any to the next maintenance release which is scheduled for February.
12 bugs found.
ID Changed Sev Pri Assignee Reporter Status TargetM Summary
241288 2008-07-17 nor P3 Alena Laskavaia Alena Laskavaia NEW 5.0.1 Dead lock between CConfigBasedDescriptorManager and CProjectDescriptorManager
240558 2008-07-14 nor P3 Andrew Ferguson Sebastian Bauer NEW 5.0.1 Doxygen comment generator doesn't recognize void parameter properly
242095 2008-07-25 nor P3 Andrew Ferguson Hardy Griech NEW 5.0.1 doxygen documentation tool supports inserts lines with linefeed only on Windows platform
234952 2008-06-12 maj P3 cdt-core-inbox@ec... CDE Administration NEW 5.0.1 TVT34:TCT672: PLK: truncation in "Explore Macro Expansion" view
234860 2008-06-11 maj P3 Chris Recoskie Martin Oberhuber NEW 5.0.1 New Project Wizard using "folders" for project type selection is totally unintuitive
217292 2008-06-06 maj P3 Doug Schaefer Marko Tomljenovic NEW 5.0.1 Starter.exe behaving different than Runtime.exec() during building Standard Make Project
219659 2008-06-05 nor P3 Doug Schaefer kensing@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 5.0.1 mingw toolchain defined using internal builder
228319 2008-06-05 nor P3 Doug Schaefer Doug Schaefer NEW 5.0.1 Mylyn Task List View should appear in C/C++ Perspective
236835 2008-06-12 nor P3 Doug Schaefer Markus Knauer NEW 5.0.1 CDT Mylyn feature: missing data
238788 2008-07-23 nor P3 Doug Schaefer Sebastian Bauer NEW 5.0.1 No Error Log View
243687 2008-08-15 nor P3 Sergey Prigogin Torge Riedel ASSI 5.0.1 Spell checking does not ignore doxygen commands
245253 11:11:38 nor P3 Sergey Prigogin Jason Montojo ASSI 5.0.1 Compile error in PDOMCPPPointerToMemberType in cdt_5_0

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