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[cdt-dev] 64 bit second project losses its include paths

Hallo all
We have discovered a problem with the include paths of a CDT 5.0 project getting lost on Linux 64bit. The first project is added as a standard make file project, using the GCC tool chain. After a build, the include paths are found correctly, and they are saved to the project when it is closed. Using the exact same settings when the second project is created, (also standard make, using GCC tool chain) the include paths are found, but can not be saved. After the project is built, and the project is closed and opened again, there are no include paths for the project, and of course the content assist does not work.

For a similar project setup on Linux 32bit CDT 5.0 it does not exhibit this behavior. The two created projects have identical source files. About 10 000 files each.
Thanks for any help


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