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[cdt-dev] dbx debugger support in CDT

we desperately need support for the dbx debugger in our Solaris10 Sparc environment. Searching for this for some time now, I came to the conclusion that there is no dbx CDT integration up to now (correct me if I'm wrong).

So I'm planning to write one during the next couple of weeks/months/years/decades...

Is there anybody else interested in this and would like to help - in coding, or in testing?

Any recommendations where we should host that project? I'm familiar with SourceForge, but are there other such services that are more commonly used for Eclipse projects?

And finally, is there any of the CDT gurus who is willing to help me if I get stuck? I was thinking of taking the existing gdb adaption code and change that for dbx syntax - is that feasible?
Where to start, to get dbx running with as little effort as possible
(of course, we have a tight schedule in the company, so there is not too much time available for this :-( )

Any help or pointers to more info is highly appreciated.


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